May 24, 25, 26 & 31 June 1 2014 10a - 6p Rain or Shine
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Royal Court

Step back in time with the Royal Court! Queen Ariana and King Leopold and their court look forward to welcoming you to Marshallmoor and the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival.  Each year the King and Queen go out to Marshallmoor to welcome the beginning of Summer.  And what better way to do that than to have a festival.  Be sure to wear your finest in the case that you meet their Majesties.  Their Majesties court also travels to Marshallmoor as the business of governing continues even whilst even on progress.  But the streets of the cities are crowded, and well it's just a perfect time to visit the country. 


Royal GuardIMG_5014

IMG_5000"Her Majesty''s Royal Guards is a fully armored , full contact combat fighting show. The weapons are real!
The blood that flows is real! The swords we use are made by our very own Sir Killain McKight our Master of Arms"



Shiabruck is a Medieval Reenactment group Dedicated to the history of the Middle Ages,1150 to 1350,Visit our Encampment for a Look into the Past.

Drunk N Sailor


Phillip is usually the drunk, and Capt Amos is usually the sailor. Sometimes they're both drunk, and sometimes they're both sailors. Every once in a great while they are both drunk and both sailors.

Phillip McGuinness and Captain Amos met in 2005 as cast members of the Kentucky Renaissance Faire. After a couple years of doing improv acting together, they started appropriating unused stages with a guitar and a will to entertain. They have since been seen at renaissance festivals from the Gulf Coast to Lake Michigan, sci-fi/fan conventions including DragonCon, and more bars than they can remember (though that may have more to do with the alcohol than the number of bars).

May 24, 25, & 26 2014 Only

"The Wonder Elixir of Life is a half an hour of fast-talking and comedy, with a liberal dose of education and 'buyer beware' thrown in for good measure. Combining mountebanks, 'snake-oil' salesmen, and infomercial pitchmen, they surprise and delight their audiences with humor and juxtaposition.  Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, Dr. Duncan and Claire De Luna extol the virtues of their 'amazing elixir' and delight and entertain audiences in the meantime with small routines of 'fortune telling', magic, and humor."


Paul_rogue_bladesRogue Blades

Come see what happens when an arrogant knight and his bumbling squire come face to face with a sinister swordsman. Enjoy lots of laughts and some of the most exciting live steel broadsword fighting you'll see anywhere.






Knotty Bits

Sylver_Gwyd_rsYou know the old saying that goes "the couple that plays together, stays together?" That is true for "Gwyd The Unusual" and his 01_dragonpartner "Sylver Fyre."

Together they make up the world-travelling "Knotty Bits" Sideshow, performing stunts that you have to see believe!

From balancing on martini glasses in bare feet to shoving a five-inch nail up his nose, the professionally trained performers pride themselves on being very safety conscious.

Their goal is to not scare you away, they simply aim to entertain; and that is exactly what they do!


Rick Roc

RicRoc5_rsAll ages enjoy his mad-cap comedy shows as he uses no ‘off-color’ material that may offend. Billed as a bombastic beguiler of bumblingRicRoc1_rs buffoonery, his character ‘Lupe’ is especially endearing—performed in mask and spoken only in gibberish, this performance is perfect for audiences where variety languages are spoken. His juggling performances can incorporate pins, balls, fire torches, bowling balls—just about anything that he can lift! Perfecting his magic shows since he was a boy, these performances are completely awesome. Or, mix it up!

May 24, 25, & 26 2014

Gypsy Raqsgypsy raq

The Gypsy Roqs are a tribal/folk belly dance toupe. Our caravan features dancers of all ages and experience levels performing in a family friendly show.
Our gypsies "borrow" from many dance traditions to form our own unique style. You may see flying silks, flashing swords or even real serpents.


eleesaE-Leesa the Gypsy Enchantress

E-leesa performs the ancient art of belly dance.  Learned from the anciet egyptians E-Leesa brings from the far distant past the secret art of dance.  Join E-Leesa as she weaves her magic spell at the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival.



Robyn the Bardrobyn

Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Doug Peterson approaches his music with irreverence and a sense of soul felt sentimentality. His sound has been likened to Cat Stevens, Billy Corgan, and Weird Al playing for a Victorian tea party after the wine has arrived. Performing a set, he can move seamlessly from a folk ballad, to a melodic hard rock anthem, into a quirky geeky love song, all while engaging his audience with anecdotes and personal stories. An evening with Doug is more than a concert— it’s a mad fantastical journey.



Bell Book & Canto

 Bell Book and Canto has been entertaining audiences since 2008. With vocal harmonies ranging from simple counterpoint to complex cluster chords, their performances have delighted audiences throughout the Midwestern United States. While they dabble in all kinds of musical styles, their performances at this year's Mayfaire encompass a mix of traditional Renaissance music, original pieces (composed in a similar style) as well as Folk, Celtic, and cannon-style pieces. Come sit for a spell, and enjoy acapella music at its very best!

Pirates & Wenches

A Renaissance Rock Band that play a mix of covers, originals and traditional songs.  We also play those ole salty sea songs.  We have a belly dancer that dances to most of our songs.  What more could you ask.

Just Happy to be here


Two of the worlds greatest pirates, Captain Duckman and his loving wife Jenniveve, have plundered nearly every ship that sails the seven seas. Bored, and on the run from the authorities, they've turned to stealing some thing even more important then money... laughter! But when you're stealing, it's always wise to steal from the best. So, come see them enact stage top piracy of the great bard himself, as they perform The Duckmans 'Romeo and Juliet' (the short version.) Shakespeare as it should have been... Funny!

Crewe of the Laughing Corpse

Sailing in to the port the weekend of Memorial Day:

Captain Sosafane Slain and the Crewe of the Laughing Corpse, some of the world’s most fabulous, child-friendly pirates are bringing “The Powder Monkey Olympics”!

Prizes will be awarded for fun structured challenging competitions for various age groups like: Walking the Plank, Ferrying buckets of water, Boffer fighting, & other pirate tasks.  Best of all it’s FREE. (Though donations will be graciously accepted)  Please register at the Laughing Corpse Pavilion between 10am-2pm.The “Powder Monkey Olympics” will start at 3pm! 


Sentinels of the Rose

Watch the Sentinels of the Rose weave their brand of havoc throughout the festival.

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